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Forceps / Haemostats - straight 5 1/2 inch


Use these to clamp umbilical cords. Forget the dental floss! Clamp, cut puppy's cord on placenta side, wait 2 minutes, take the haemostat off. Price includes shipping.
Price: $24.00

How To Make A Puppy - eBook
How To Make A Puppy - eBook
NOW AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON. Download the Kindle reader for PC and Mac free from Amazon. This is a book for dog breeders, but especially useful to first time breeders by providing a platform for “best practice” and "common sense" practices of breeding dogs. It is well illustrated with over 100 photographs that make understanding concepts easier. The eBook is available through both Amazon Kindle eBooks for 9.99 USD or Kobo eBooks. The print version is available from Amazon and Trafford Publishing.

For more information on eBook; sample text - CLICK HERE

To buy the eBook from Amazon - CLICK HERE

For more information on the print version of How To Make A Puppy!, visit Trafford Publishing - CLICK HERE

Price: $9.95
Out of Stock

Puppy ID Collars - 10
Puppy ID Collars - 10
10 adjustable Puppy ID Collars are 30 cm in length. Easy to fit at birth and adjustable as the puppy grows. This soft, special self-adhering Velcro can be washed and re-used for future litters. Be sure to leave room for a finger or two to slide under the collar, but not too much room for another puppy's paw to slip under. For very small breed dogs, the 30 cm strips can be cut in two for extra collars. 10 different coloured collars in a set.

Price includes shipping & handling. GST will be added at the end of the shopping cart process.

For further information - CLICK HERE
Price: $21.00

Whelping Pads - Qty 20


Absorbent pads 40 mm x 60 mm with plastic backing. Ideal for lining the whelping box during delivery of puppies or inserting one at a time under the rear of the dam. Also good to use instead of newspaper in the puppy pen and easier to clean up. GST and S/H added at end of shopping process.
Price: $25.00

WS 1 ml syringe with needles
WS 1 ml syringe with needles
5 x 1 ml syringes L/S + 10 x 25Gx5.8" needles. Ideal for administering oxytocin. Including shipping, excluding GST which will be added at the end of the shopping cart.
Price: $19.00

WS 3M Vet Wrap
WS 3M Vet Wrap
3M vet wrap 10 cm x 4.5 meters. Self sticking first aid wrap.
Price: $15.00

WS Bulb Syringe 2oz & 3 oz
WS Bulb Syringe 2oz & 3 oz
Ideal for removing mucus from new both puppy mouth. 2oz and 3 oz set. Soft pointed, rubber tip. Medical grade rubber. Includes shipping, excludes GST which will be added at the end of the shopping cart.
Price: $28.00

WS Doppler Ultrasound Gel
Gel on the probe or on the skin surface will create a firm bond to enable a good read. Includes shipping, Excluding GST.
Price: $23.00

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