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Versatile and economic: one product to wash your hands, face, hair, body, pets or baby clothes. Neutral pH makes it fully compatible with skin. Can be used full strength or diluted. Exclusive, organic protein base for gentle but effective cleansing. Biodegradable. 950 ml
Price: $35.90

LDC - Light Duty Cleaner


LDC is a powerful light duty leaner, ideal for a wide variety of day-o-day tasks. From the removal of animal and vegetable residues in the kitchen to the laundry, where LDC can be used as a gentle cleaner on fine fabrics. The mild and gentle formulation is kind on the skin, making it ideal for ongoing contact with the hands. LDLC is sourced from natural ingredients and is 100% biodegradable, leaving no chemical residues. 1 litre
Price: $39.07

Super 10


Versatile and economical, this one product is useful in every room of the house. Effective on every job from removing stubborn fabric stains to clenaing garage floors. A little goes a long way to penetrating, dissolving and emulsifing problem areas. Biodegradable - orgainic and phosphate-free. 1 Litre
Price: $34.54

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